Amazing, astonishing, astounding, blindsiding,dumbfounding; The new Merriam Webster app.

imagesI have always been a fan of the  Merriam Webster website, when I wasn’t sure of the spelling, true meaning or pronunciation of a word, or when looking for a good synonym for a word I’d used way to much in a text. (In scientific texts the words ‘interestingly’ and ‘moreover’ tend to get used a lot).

So I was happy to find out Merriam Webster had produced an app. I am still pretty reluctant about praising the iPhone (or any Apple product for that matter) but this app just blew my mind!

What I loved most about it, is the so called ‘voice search’;  the possibility of just telling the app the word you want to look up. It works perfectly. And it’s free!

Pretty darn cool in my book.

Go ahead see for yourself.

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