Bitless wonder

‘ What do you feel, when you let go of the wheel?’

Wonders never cease by Morcheeba

I rode bitless today!!

IMG_0373Well, semi-bitless.. I had been perusing some riding forums on natural horsemanship and came across a great tip for switching to bitless riding. Just add the halter with some makeshift reins to the regular tack and only use the bit in an emergency.

Now why didn’t I think of that?

And Jelle did beautifully!

Of course he did try me out a few times to see whether this  ‘no pressure on the bit’ thing meant a carte blanche to do whatever he felt like. But after two tries (one for home, one for grass) he got the point and behaved perfectly. Trotting and even cantering went fine and nicely controlled!

I may have imagined it, but he seemed much more relaxed and willing.

IMG_0370I for one, felt much better for not having to tug in his mouth so much when he’s only slightly naughty. And for not inadvertently hurting him by grabbing the reins when he unexpectedly shies away from something.

I’ve added some pictures of the new construction. It’s going to need some changes in the future but today I’m just glad it worked!

Yay and hurray!

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