Funny beer

IMG_0379My sister brought me back a great present from her trip to Paris.

But her introduction of the present was even better. She said: Remember I drove you guys trough Nijmegen one night. We were all very grumpy, it was late and it was raining. But we had to go to this cinema in the middle of nowhere to watch this movie you liked?

I nodded.

Remember we laughed our asses off that night? She said while bringing out a bottle of ‘Ch’ti’ – beer.

The movie we saw was ‘Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis’ and it was as marvelous as  when I first saw it. We all went home smiling that night.

A bit of googling gets me this English subbed trailer

And the discouraging information that none other than Will Smith has bought the rights to the movie and is planning a remake. AARGH! And I thought the Germans were being bastards about redubbing everything

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