I was cruising around in my blog archives.. cause that’s what you do..errhm. And I came upon a blog post from 2006 called ‘Absurd’ .

How absurd is this? I don’t know where I am or where I’m going. I live in this house that is hardly familiar to me, together with this person I don’t know. I’m doing stuff that I’ve done every day for the past six years still it feels like I’m doing them for the first time.

It took me a while to determine which period in my life it came from, since I’ve had something like that happen to me a few times now.

There were two really great things about that post. One was the overwhelming support in the comments. The other was seeing the difference with my current attitude. Back then I wrote:

And I’m sure there’s bunches of people in the world that love uncertainty (..). Well, not to me! It freaks me out! Call me crazy but I want geraniums! (..). I want stability; I’ll get a dog if it helps!

And now look at me. I’m actually looking for change and adventure! Yay! You know, letting go of fear is the best habit I picked up over the last 5 years (except maybe electronic brushing). It leaves your hands free for enjoying life.

Also, I have to ask.. did anyone get the blog-within-a-blog inception joke?

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One Response to Blogception

  1. Me says:

    Inception jokes are too deep for me.. Letting go of fear. Life long path isn’t it? A hard path yet rewarding.

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