I have never understood this


sign says: did you like the yellow bag? buy a blue one!

Call it Kafkaic, Dadaistic, Twilight zone-ish or just plain weird. It’s like saying: You think you enjoy this now, but we know better.

Do you like swimming pools? Buy a car!

Enjoy fishing? Buy a tennis racket!

They say it’s an anti-theft thing for the yellow shopping bags they provide in the store. Yet they don’t have  a similar thing for shopping carts.

Did you like the shopping cart? Well  screw you, we’ don’t sell them!

I’m just saying it’s an option and it beats the hell out of having to recalibrate  my logic glands every time I visit IKEA.

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One Response to I have never understood this

  1. Me says:

    Maybe you just misinterpreted the ad.

    I feel it’s the Hedonist point of view. “bevalt de gele tas= Is the old bag giving birth?” then “koop een blauwe= buy a half indonesian lady that sells herself professionally”.

    Not hard to understand after all :p

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