Confucius him say..


..this, it be confusing..

Don’t you hate is when this happens? The little turny thingy on the lock says the door is locked, when it really isn’t!

So there you are with urgent matters to attend to, but you don’t want to be rude. (We’ve all been there.. that pivotal moment when you can’t go back, and you ask yourself: did I lock the door? And you’re not sure, but you can’t reach the lock.. And then some stranger tries to open the door and you have a heart attack and a half)

You swiftly go through guilt (for trying to open the door when it’s clearly locked), relief (thank god there’s no one there) and finally embarrassment ( I waited 5 minutes for an empty stall!). It’s just not the kind of emotional rollercoaster I go to the bathroom for. I generally prefer the one that goes from relief (yay! no line!) straight to erh.. relief.

Oh well.. I don’t know.

Whenever I encounter a decepto-lock like that,  I always think ‘pah! men! bastards!’. Which makes no sense at all but is probably the reason women tend to return form the bathroom with a different outlook on men, the universe and everything.

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