Queen discovery

DON’T watch the opening credits, see if you an guess which masterpiece grew from here.


I found this clip online, and I just have to share it.

It just shows that really amazing songs generally don’t just materialize out of nowhere. They sometimes don’t even start out as amazing songs.

We tend to think that, when writing (songs, poetry, prose, papers, anything really) if it doesn’t start out being brilliant it’s really not worth the effort because it shows we’re just not as talented as the professionals we look up to.

For some reason we keep forgetting that those people have crafted their great pieces from honing and perfecting raw material that wasn’t perfect or even particularly good at first.

To keep chipping away at your idea, uninhibitedly creating and fearlessly discarding the stuff that doesn’t work (in writers terms: killing your babies), takes great determination and courage. I think this is what makes people great writers, or great anything really.

I also think that this is something you and I can do.

I mean, if you can muster that courage and determination to bolster that what makes you unique. If you can make that come out in your work, it is de facto unique. And therefore a valid and valuable addition to your field, or indeed the world.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: Look! Queen made a song and then tossed out all the lyrics and it was a masterpiece. Maybe I (and possibly others with me)  should let go of the idea that stuff should be perfect at the first go.

Oh well..

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