Road trip

As you may have notice I ave tried to use the WordPress app for my blogging on this roadtrip. Unfortunately, it is not working as expected so I’m just getting in a quick blog after days of savage lands without intarwebs.

So far I have seen a great many wonders. First up: Weimar.  The city of Goethe, Schiller, Nietzsche and a whole bunch of other extremely froody dudes. It was incredibly impressive to walk around in a place with such an enormous amount of history lying about everywhere.

I’ve tried to add some pictures of Weimar, Erfurt and one of the castles in the vicinity. We’ve been to all three of the Drei Gleichen, which was tiring, hot, but very impressive. Wow.


And now it’s Berlin. From what I’ve seen on the drive here, it is a very very huge place and I’m very excited about getting to know it over the next  five days. I’ll keep you posted!

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One Response to Road trip

  1. Flora says:

    pfffff, Weimar is wel veel verder dan Hamburg geloof ik, dan mag je wegens het rijden ook al geen bier drinken, onhandig hoor!

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