Berlin day two: I miss my windows live writer :(

Uploading pictures and editing post is a drag without my trusty blogging tools.

Especially since I’m reduced to working on a iBook. I mean, I’m pretty lucky to be able to access the internet at all, and the iBook is incredibly fast, light and pretty. But all the buttons are different! No ctrl-c/ctrl-v, no del-button and this weird-ass scrollpad that has me using profanity at every turn. Ad worst of all: no right-clicks! Argh! Why??

Anyway, Berlin is still amazing. I just can’t get over how huge this place is. Same feeling as in Rotterdam, Dusseldorf or Brussels. These impossibly tall buildings, the wide streets and the sheer distances you have to travel to get from one side to the other.

Which brings me to the public transportation system, which is great. I especially love the U-bahn. It’s like a magical place, you take these stairs underground and within minutes a train appears out of nowhere. You get inside and it’s off again into the dark. When it stops at a station that just pops up out of thin air, you can get out and find that the land at the top of the stairs has changed completely. It just reminds me of that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, oh and many of those Riven-like adventure games.

By the way, beer here is the Berliner Kindl, which is great. I am going against my tradition of trying every local beer with the Berliner Weisse though. Apparently you’re supposed to drink it mixed with raspberry syrup. Yeach! These Germans, apparently they got tired of having amazing beer and didn’t know what to do next.

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One Response to Berlin day two: I miss my windows live writer :(

  1. Flora says:

    Zo is het inderdaad, ik ervoer de U-bahn voor het eerst bewust in Parijs, wat een fantastisch vervoer middel.

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