Frogs, beer and Thoughts

We found the Froschkönig on the Weisestrasse (a quaint street with lost of very small anarchist bars). Also very small, but very laid back with good (bottled) beer and a great whiskey menu.

And we were in luck. It turned out there was to be a performance. We settled down in one of the leather sofa’s and soon enough we got to meet some of the regulars. Interesting, smart fun people. Real Berliners (not the pastry) even though one of them was italian.

And then Candice Gordon took the stage. Irish to a tee (complete with on-stage glass of whiskey) and we were swept away. I’m not going to do a whole musical analysis here, just check it out (preferably live) and see what you think.

And as I was sitting there, listening to Candice pour her heart out, thinking back to the Wall-museum, Weimar, Erfurt and all the other things I’ve seen on this trip…   Something occurred to me.

Artists are people who are willing to be vulnerable on our behalf.

Yes, you can use that quote.

My original note said ‘crazy’ instead of ‘vulnerable’. But I think this is better.  Oh I don’t know. I just had the thought and it seemed pretty profound at the time.

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