Impromptu concert in the u-bahn

What did I tell you about the u-bahn being magical?

WittenbergplatzWe were on our way to the Potsdammer platz when we came upon the wittenberg platz station, which is extremely charming all by itself. We boarded a cart that was crowded with people returning from a cultural festival. Apparently they weren’t partied out yet, so they just went on playing and singing in the cart. Their enthusiasm was so infectious that soon enough most of the people on the cart were singing along.

It was a weird and amazing  experience. Singing ‘la bamba’ with a whole bunch of strangers under the streets of Berlin at midnight. Not something I’ll soon forget.


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One Response to Impromptu concert in the u-bahn

  1. Flora says:

    klinkt peruaans, met een touch of hare krishna

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