So, a belated report on Hamburg. We didn’t exactly have internet there, and since we were only there for two days  we spent most of our time sightseeing.

Halt!no means noWhat kind of a place is Hamburg?

Well.. it’s different from Berlin, I can tell you that! For one, their traffic lights are quite insistent

It’s a bit like a combination of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The Reeperbahn is well known for being the sailor’s nirvana of deviant pleasure. But there’s lots of water and harbor stuff going on. Hamburg has an u-bahn, but it also has a mode of transportation that is even cooler. Boats! The boats in the harbor have a sort of bus-line thing going on.  And they go fast, very fast. A ‘Hamburg card’ gets you free access to all of them, in addition to the u- and s bahn. Yay!

Other things that amazed me included the Elbe-tunnel, complete with car-elevator..

We also visited the Beatles-museum. I’ve always thought of myself as a fan and connoisseur, but I never knew their career took flight in Hamburg. Also, who are Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best? I just never knew..

U-boatDown down downIn commanddown periscope!
And we got a tour on the U-boat floating around in the harbor, I even got to sit in the commander’s seat!

There was so much to see, and we saw hardly half of it. Speicherstadt, was pretty impressive, and so was the St. Nicolai monument. Oh and there was some beer involved as well.

St. Nicolai monumentSpeicherstadtJever

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