A sensible sole

There are several upsides to being unemployed.  There’s the time and opportunity for re-inventing yourself, finding out what really matters, learning the value of money. But money is also the subject of one of the downsides of unemployment. There simply isn’t a lot of it.

So was somewhat disheartened to find two unintended, ventilation opportunities (so- called ‘holes’) in the soles of my otherwise sturdy shoes. This meant shoe shopping (also known as ‘spending money’), plus;  I HATE shoe-shopping.

And then I encountered these:Pretty shoeAren’t they just the cutest!? And they we’re on sale too!

But I had made up a budget to fit in only one pair of inexpensive shoes, and that  fit was rather snug as it was. Plus, when would you ever wear these shoes? Only if you had the perfect dress to go with them. And even then, probably not for long.

So there I was.. torn between two lovers.. erhm shoes SHOES! I meant shoes!

oh well.. there you go..

Now you see them..                                          Now you don’t

I guess I could have picked the wrong box by accident, you know? No one would have noticed. But I was rewarded at the checkout, where it turned out that the sensible shoes were in fact half the prize I thought they were.

So there you go, I was rewarded for my great feet feat of willpower.

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