A summers’ day in Slijk Ewijk

IMG_7132Rambunctious winds rattle

Much once begun is torn asunder and lies

still in puddles ever colder

and expanding

There we stand and hold fast the riggings.

And the last cock crows.

We will have shelter.



May I just say that this is not the kind of weather I usually associate with summer? Because it really is not.

So we tried to save the log cabin today. The roofing had come off because of the insane wind so we had to come up with another way of keeping it dry. Suffice to say, we were not so fortunate as to remain dry ourselves.

Also; I caught a rooster today! Yay me! Two in fact, although some say it doesn’t count when the rooster is in fact already in a cage and you’re just taking it elsewhere.

Oh well, and there was much rejoicing

and soup!


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