I’m on a boat


Feeling like the old spice guy 🙂

Actually I am reminded of a number of things. Firstly, the episode of ‘keeping up appearances’ in which Hyacinth goes for a cruise on the fabled ‘QE 2’ off course everything goes pear-shaped and hilarity ensues.

But mostly it makes me think of a little nursery rhyme about a bear that goes to England on a boat (much like myself atm). He is seen off by his friends who impress upon him the importance of safety (don’t stand on the railings!) and socially acceptable behavior (don’t hit or kick other bears!).

This invariably makes me want to engage in dangerous activities, hitting and kicking as many people as is humanly possible (I refrain from kicking bears for safety reasons). I think this it possibly what the song was meant to do butI have no proof to that effect

Anyway, I’m on a boat to England. Yay!


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