I spent this weekend in Cambridge to attend a wedding. It turns out that England is very different from Germany ( apart from the fascination with sausages). Also, Cambridge is pretty awesome! There is scientific and cultural history everywhere.  I mean, you plunk down in a random pub, and it turns out it was a favorite haunt of Watson & Crick’s!

The Eagle pubImagine inventing DNA over a beerrules are strict in cambridge

On the outskirts of Cambridge, we visited the Orchard Tea Garden, another place frequented by world renowned thinkers , writers and scientists.

IMG_1179Wittgenstein used to come here too!IMG_1229

After tea, we went for a leisurely stroll along the typically English countryside discussing politics, economics and other important weighty issues. And photographing trees.

a lonely treethe riverThe LARCH (?)

Also I went a little overboard with my apple fascination, running around with my little iPhone 3G attempting to take artsy photographs of apples

IMG_1232 IMG_1236 IMG_1180
How d’ya like them apples?

Well.. I guess I just felt inspired by the whole trip. I got a real Cambridge sweater from Grafi’s Cambridge (check out her website, her designs are soo cute!). And I got to eat a real Cornish pasty (I’d always wondered about the English and their pies). Definitely going back to England. And if I do, I will definitely go by boat.


Because sleeping on a boat is friggin’ awesome!!


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One Response to Cambridge

  1. Flora says:

    Ben nog nooit in Engeland geweest, behalve hun eetgewoontes lijkt het me echt een te gek land, natuur en zo, dat bed op de boot is inderdaad helemaal te gek!

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