It’s just soap!

I’ve done it now

I have acquired one of the more expensive habits.. again!

In Cambridge, I came across a LUSH store. I’d heard of the products from a friend and she’d been enthusiastic. I’d wondered about that. Seriously, who’d be that slap happy about soap?

Now I know. 
I wish I didn’t.


For one, it is an incredibly fun store, the products smell and feel AMAZING and there is something, I’m not sure what,  that is just so happy and feel-good about the whole thing.

Great marketing I guess.

I got myself the honey soap, and the smell alone is just sheer bliss. And your bathroom immediately starts smelling like that ALL THE TIME.

The bad part? This soap is expensive. I found out about that when I wanted to buy some more online and was about to charge 25 euros to my credit card for soap.

I found myself sitting behind my computer shouting: ‘It’s just soap!’ , heaving a big sigh and reluctantly cancelling the order.

Brave little me against a world of soap.

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