Like a boss

Well.. I’m writing about video games today, so skip this if you are not a total nerd.

Anyway, I’m playing Dragonage II and nearing the end. I think, because I have had the most impossible fight ever. Remember those NES games in which you had this specific sequence you had to jump and fire to get past the end boss?

duck, jump, run under, duck...
I swear I still have some of those sequences hard wired into my hindbrain

This was a little different. For one thing the guy I had to fight looked like this:

The Arishokand he was named after a food

And it was HARD. The funny thing is, I was surprised I didn’t succeed at the first try (or even the second try) and got angry at the game for it. Which is weird since in the original Mario Bros. you were certain of two things; 1: You’d never beat the Boss the first few times, 2: You’d have to start ALL OVER again if your lives ran out.

When did I get so spoiled?

Just the other day I was reading an article on kids today and how they refuse to really go the distance with video games. Throughout the article I would think: ‘Those kids today, pah! They have no stamina, no commitment” .

It turns out, even for all my hours of NES repetition, AND my love affair with the Commodore 64. I have turned into a spoiled modern-day gamer who resorts to walkthroughs, cheats and difficulty settings when challenged.

So, after this sobering realization I quickly got an add-on for the game that included some wicked new weapons, armor and a potion to rearrange my skill points and got that Arishoks heart!

(har har pun)

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