Hot young chicks

Sassy chickbunch of chickscute chick

Well.. what did you think the blog was going to be about?

Anyway, we have eleven newly hatched chicks! We’ve never had so many! I especially like this Egyptian-looking one.

egyptian chick

Almost all of them were hatched by the Last Fluffy Chicken. This chicken was the only fluffy chicken left after  the rabbit’s trans-species bonanza.

(It was a very confusing time for Brokko. No female rabbits around and all these urges. And to be fair the fluffy chickens were really cute. They just weren’t built for his robust affections or so we found out after a few flat chicken incidents)

So the barn is filled with the cute squeaking’s of young chicks and the clucking of their protective, fluffy mother. She watches over them like a (fluffy) tiger and can somehow fit all of them under her wings, which makes her look like the Luggage and frankly makes me wonder whether she’s built like the Tardis or something.

Tardis chickenSeriously, how many can you fit under there?

But then, I never really trusted chickens..

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