Say cheese

Say you, say me.. say it together.. now say cheese!

My boyfriend and I share a passion.

Yes, that too.. but today I want to talk to you about cheeses.


There is a specific kind of buffalo mozzarella that is made by an Italian dude in Groningen. I was first introduced to this cheese by said dude himself. I was sitting on the stoop of a friend’s house, enjoying the morning sun, chatting. When Gigi, the neighbor from across the street (aka Italian guy) comes up to us and shows us his balls. Mozzarella balls to be precise, and they made a wonderful breakfast.

Like with all dangerous substances, I was hooked after that first free sample. And although the cheese is pretty scarce even in Groningen, my bf managed to procure this lot.Gigi's mozzarella

Now some of you might say that’s a bit cheesy. But I think it’s pretty darn romantic.

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