Music: the good, the bad and the uncle

I’m having a bit of trouble getting this song out of my head. The terrible thing about that is that I actually don’t like the song, the lyrics, the band or the music video.

One of the most retarded cheap music video’s ever


But for some reason it is stuck in my head, I keep singing the retarded lyrics while working in the stables and the chickens are getting upset.

Thankfully, my wonderful sister came up with a cure. And it’s called: Ben L’oncle Soul. Don’t ask me why though, I can’t begin to imagine what someone’s uncle would have to do with amazing music like this, but there you have it.

Pretty amazing, I just can’t seem to find the uncle


Get their album, surprisingly called ‘Ben l’oncle soul’ and be sure to check out their ‘ Soulman’ as well, which I swear has absolutely nothing to do with Dirty Dancing or Patrick Swayze in any way.I promise!

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