Trying times

Gosh, that was interesting

You know, if they would tell you beforehand that the TOEFL is going to be read to you in a Bill Cosby voice, I think people would be less nervous about it.

It was actually kind of fun. The only really unnerving thing was the spoken part. It has a time limit. Now, as some of you know, I have no problem with talking as such, I quite like it (some would even say excessively so).  Only, when there is a time limit, and I have to get it right..

So one of my first answers went something like this: ‘…. uh… right…the .. uh.. man.. student.. eh person, whatever he is is worried about.. er..the.. thing..fbllr.. er.. what?’

But, overall  I think I did all right.

The most challenging part of the day was actually getting there. The regular road to Arnhem was blocked, and when I finally got to the city center, my navigation system crashed. I found the parking lot by sheer luck and then proceeded to be lost in it for half an hour. I swear the design of that place is loosely based on the ninth circle of hell (the ninth circle of hell having better signs and ambiance).

Arnhem = hellEvery single floor looks exactly like this

Miles of corridors that all look the same, elevators that go nowhere, dismally lighted staircases and ambivalent signs. It was like one of those first-person videogames that have me lost and seasick in minutes. I got out eventually though, and ended up somewhere on the wrong side of the station (which in Arnhem, is more of a problem than you might think). Upon returning, breathing exercises and rigid determination got me back to my car (eventually). And a generous amount of swearing got me out of the parking lot in one piece.

I guess it just goes to show that you should always be prepared to be tested in some way, even if it’s not the test you’d expect.

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