IMG_1281[1]I was walking around town feeling a bit grumpy. The weather sucked, money is starting to get tight again and all my friends were at their jobs so I had nobody to hang out with. I felt friendless and jobless and was just enjoying a bout of self-pity with extra sprinkles when it started raining. Again.

I wandered into a bookshop to keep dry and thought I’d go see whether the new Pratchett was in yet. It was. But when I looked at my budget for that week I (grumpily) decided the purchase of a spanking new Pratchett really didn’t fit into it no matter the amount of excuses I could come up with.

I had already decided to go home and have a good long sulk when I heard someone call my name. It turned out to be my friend Machteld who works at that very bookshop (when she’s not being a bit of a celebrity).  We talked about bookshops and how they’re not doing very well right now, and about my Pratchett plight. It immediately turned my friendless day into a day where I randomly walk into people I actually know.

And then it got even better.

‘Did I even get you a present for your birthday three months ago?’ she mused.

‘Err.. derp.. I don’t know..I don’t think.. I don’t really remember’ I retorted with my usual eloquence

‘Wait right here’ she said and wandered off.

She came back with a huge smile on her face and a book in an outstretched hand. ‘Here, for your birthday’ she said, handing me a brand spanking new copy of I shall wear midnight.

Moments later I was walking down the street, the sun came out and I just felt.. happy. Oh I was happy to have the book, but I was even happier to know I have friends like these. You’re never as alone as you think you are, even when you’re grumpy.IMMD.

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