Seasonal patronizing (a lack of kraut)

Never any sauerkrautWhat I fail.. absolutely FAIL to understand is this seasonal stocking thing in stores. I mean, fine, I know stuff like strawberries can’t be around all season, but potted sauerkraut??

Why is it such a problem to keep a couple of jars or sauerkraut around in summer for when someone decides to have a proper hot dog?

It’s such a typically Dutch thing to go: “No it’s summer now, you should eat summery things now. There will be plenty of time to eat sauerkraut in winter”.

Really, even back on Aruba sauerkraut would be around all year long and we had summer all year long. And it’s not like the summer in Holland is that warm to begin with!

And sauerkraut was INVENTED to last forever! Why? Why don’t they have it on the shelves all year long? They have peas all year long and peas don’t go well with hotdogs at all!

I R having an angry!

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One Response to Seasonal patronizing (a lack of kraut)

  1. marijke says:

    Pay a visit to Germany or invite yourself at Marijke’s place;)

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