Sew you own brain structure!

Also fun for zombiesOh! The things you  can learn about neurobiology by aimlessly walking around  in a shop. Apparently, the part of the limbic system responsible for learning and memory* looks like a hippo! This is fortunate for those of you who enjoy needlework, since you can now sew a cuddly hippocampus for al your forgetful friends. Yay!

Unless of course , you suffer from hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, which I was amazed to find out is actually not the fear of a monstrous hippopotamus on a bicycle.

Oh well..

*At least we think that’s what it does, we may either have learned or remembered it wrong. Which come to think of it might be a ploy on the hippocampus’ part. Maybe it just sits around watching YouTube and drinking sodas  all day, snickering because we think it’s  so hugely important we feed it snacks.

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One Response to Sew you own brain structure!

  1. mieke says:

    This would be in the same category of the cuddly H1N1 virus you can by on the internet?

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