It’s official!

I’m going!

The silver cityAwaaayy to the silver city!

After a year of trying and sending a veritable rainforest in paper to all corners of the world, it’s done. I’m going to Sydney Australia for a PhD project!!

Er.. I mean this silver cityErr.. I mean.. awaayyy to the silver city

So I’ve been selling all my stuff to get ready for the big move in December. Finally, I’m getting back to work in Neurobiology and it feels pretty great. I’ll be working here (with this fine gentleman), and living here and apparently there’s whales there! Yay!

So yay and hurray and ieh! because of scary Smile

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3 Responses to It’s official!

  1. mieke says:

    Hoera! Helemaal top, joh! En ik kom langs hoor.

  2. hens says:

    Ik zie je wel op je afscheidsfeestje. 🙂

  3. Rose-Anne Krijgsman says:

    Joost! Wat een prachtbericht! Je sprak hier jaren geleden al over en je maakt het gewoon waar! RESPECT!! You go girl!! Proud of you! xx Roos

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