Good old times in a new building


I went to visit my former research adviser today  Just to say hi, and to thank him for being a great referent these last few years. He even took the time to give me a little tour of the new premises and I must say.. it is a pretty cool building. I was never really in favor of the big move, but seeing the new building and all the facilities.. I can’t but conclude that this is definitely better.

Out with the old
In with the new





It was great to be back among biologists, to see so many familiar faces. It just made me so happy to be getting back to science soon. And with this new building I’m reassured that Biology in Groningen will still be there and thriving when I get back.

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One Response to Good old times in a new building

  1. Linda says:

    Wat jammer dat ik er niet was vandaag! Hadden we elkaar nog ff kunnen zien. Balen!

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