The Good Tanyas are Feeling Groovy


Listen to this song..


Pretty catchy isn’t it?



A friend got me acquainted with The Feel Good Tanyas and I have to agree they are pretty amazing. Nice three part harmonies and uplifting beats. I just couldn’t shake this song. There way something familiar about it.



As it turns out, it is pretty much this song:




Which is not a bad thing, I guess. It could even be construed as a tribute to Paul Simon. He is, after all, one of the littlest birds and he does sing very pretty songs.

Sometimes I worry that I am turning into one of those old grumps that say that it’s all been done before. And then I wonder whether it’s  even important whether things are new and innovative as long as people are singing.

Oh well..

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One Response to The Good Tanyas are Feeling Groovy

  1. Bart Samwel says:

    Just for fun, listen to “maak me gek” by Gerard Joling and then to “de meeste dromen zijn bedrog” by Marco Borsato. I wouldn’t normally recommend this btw, just making a point…

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