Moving gifts

Well.. just three days to go until the big move and people are starting to say goodbye. It’s weird and sad and exciting and touching all at the same time.

My boyfriend surprised me with this:


A silver necklace (that I’d gotten for our two year anniversary) with a pendant of his own design. It’s supposed to be dendrites touching with the cell body on the back of the pendant, studded with an aquamarine to match my eyes.  Symbolizing my passion for neurobiology and the fact that we are all our brains and our special connection.  Of course, I was speechless..

Cheers! at Der WitzLuckily my grandfather and aunt were there to witness that memorable event (me speechless, it doesn’t happen often) .  It was wonderful of them to come all the way up to Groningen just for lunch and to say goodbye.  My aunt and her family had a present of their own that had me gasping again.

to find my way while bushwalking

A compass, with the message: ‘So you can always find your way back to us’.  Apparently they know of my tendency to get lost in shopping malls and bathrooms. This will come in handy when I go ‘walkabout’ (or shopping for that matter)

Tucked behind the picture was a little something for a rainy day.

It’s weird how I’m so amazed by people going trough so much trouble for me. By now I should know my loved ones are this amazing.  Oh well, I’m baffled, grateful and touched. (and a bit woozy after those amazing beers at Der Witz.

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