Friends before the Big Bye


Yesterday was pretty amazing. The farewell-party planned by my boyfriend and the rest of my friends. People came from all over the country, we drank beer, laughed and cried a little. They even sang a custom adaptation of ‘Far away in Australia’ that my sister had written.

For donations towards the party and future Australian beerThey also made me a kangaroo!

I spent most of the time being amazed, overwhelmed and deeply grateful (and slightly tipsy towards the end). That someone can be as blessed with so many wonderful friends. Friends that are sad to see me leave but love and support me nonetheless. Hearing so many people say that they are proud of me..

And I got these amazing collages..


Tomorrow, unlike BA, I’m getting on that plane.

I am going to miss everyone so much. I’m really sad to miss some mayor events coming up. Erin’s wedding, Edith’s new life,  Ben’s promotion, Karin’s wedding, Margriet’s first real job and probably many more I don’t know about.  I’ll make it up to you!

Oh well..

Thanks everyone, I love you to bits (possibly megabits)

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  1. marijke says:

    To see all collages, follow link in your email;0

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