A quick blog from Kuala Lumpur airport

After about six hours here, I have finally discovered the free wifi Confused smile. Oh well..

The flight from Amsterdam was pretty ok, the landscapes were mesmerising and I’m not quite sure how to describe waking up to bright sunlight and a view of white beaches, bleu sea and the rice fields from my airplane window.

I’m about to board the plane to Sydney for another 10 hour flight (comparable to my trips to Aruba!, really inconceivable).

I’m pretty ok, slept well, ate well and everything about the airport is so familiar. All my Malaysian is coming back to me (well.. all, since there isn’t that much to begin with). Words like : buka, masuk, awas, dilarang, air.. Wonderful..

I’ll write as soon as I get to some more internet (which is soon, I hope).

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