Blogging is hard

Well.. not hard as such, but without proper internet at home and wildly restrictive library computers it is starting to get on my nerves a bit.

Uploading pictures is completly impossible, so I’m afraid you’ll have to do without for a while. At least until monday, when I should be able to get to my work computer.

(err.. yeah getting to work becaus eyou want to blog.. very dedicated to research are we?)

I’ve just been notified that I’ve posted my sixhundred and somethingth post, which is interesting, although I’m not sure why it is particularly significant. I’m in the brand spanking new library of Macquarie University and I’ve just succeeded in my Quest for the Internet. 

I have a whole list of stuff to do on the internet (like finding a bike, a GP, recharging my internet, working out the bussystem) but it’s all a bit too much. I’m not retaining any information and generally just clicking around.

Which is why I’m glad my sister sent me this link:

Yay Procrastiation! I think I’m going to read me some comics now 🙂

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2 Responses to Blogging is hard

  1. Flora says:

    Ach ,schat het is altijd tobben in het begin we zijn er zeker van dat je je er goed door heen slaat.
    Flauw he maar wel waar!

  2. hens says:

    Didn’t find the link u mentioned Josien. I hope u have your own equipment soon. And gl with finding a nice bike too. Cycling a lot might solve your pants problem hahaha.

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