I’m here!

Or actually.. there

To be honest, I’ve been amazed at how relatively easy everything is going. Customs was a breeze and the lady who did the airport pickup was very friendly even if she did get us lost a few times. Picking up my keys was relatively quick and straightforward (even if I did get lost on that part of the campus a bit).Balaclava apts.. home sweet home

I live in an apartment complex that used to be an Olympic village. It’s got a pool and a tennis court, and it’s kind of empty because of the holidays. Which is absolutely fine by me. I didn’t expect to be going to the lab on my first day, but when I called my professor to say I’d landed he invited me over.

The lab is wonderful and everyone is very welcoming and friendly. The facilities are awesome and all on one floor!

I saw parrots!

The campus is beautiful and has all amenities you can think of, including a theater! And I often see parrots and lizards and lots of familiar tropical trees and flowers.

Between the lab, the weather and the smells, it really feels like coming home.

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2 Responses to I’m here!

  1. Maaike says:

    Ha Aussie-n! (dat is je nieuwe naam nu toch?)

    Klinkt niet verkeerd!! Ik ben niet jaloers hoor:-) (vanmorgen plensde het hier van de regen, de bus kwam te laat en iedereen keek chagrijnig)
    Fijn dat ik nu weer blij wordt van jouw positieve bericht! You go girl! Veel plezier daar en succes met het regelen van al die dingen die je vast moet regelen en geniet van de nieuwe omgeving!


  2. hens says:

    U are a lucky woman that everything is going so beautifully easy. When do u start the real work? And did u already have a talk with your prof about the whole setup?
    How is the apartment? U have your own shower, toilet and kitchen? And biking? Is that something people do over there?

    Well, i wil read more on your blog when u have to tell us more, for now, love from me.

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