Pants and Curtains

It appears I’ve packed the wrong pants.. 

This is a bit of a tragedy since I now have only one pair of jeans that aren’t particularly comfortable, which I thought I’d left behind during the frantic repack at Schiphol.

 This seriously diminishes my possibilities in the cheesecake department. Or any wonderful food department. OMG, really the things that supermarkets sell! Mini-cheesecakes! Buckets of tequila! And I haven’t even mentioned the kind of things you can find in the food court at Macquarie shopping mall. The nacho’s I saw walking past today, and bagels, and pretzels! I want to eat everything!

 But I can’t , because of pants.

 On an entirely different note, I’ve finally figured out my weird draw-curtain. Apparently, you have to pull it down if you want it to go up. That kind of reverse thinking hadn’t occurred to me yet so I’ve been trying to pull it up with an improvised drawstring. Oh well, another mystery solved. 

I’ve also figured out my Australian sizes. It turns out I’m approximately a size 16, with  shoe size 10. Which sounds a lot better than 42 and 41. yay!

 Yes, yes I know.. I should try and explore the University Sports and Aquatic Centre in stead of hanging out at the food courts..

 Oh well..

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2 Responses to Pants and Curtains

  1. hens says:

    There are two possible solutions for your pants problem:
    – buy another one
    – don’t go to food courts.::)).

  2. Flora says:

    just buy wider pants, I would never gave this advise normally but considering the circumstances
    buy cheap wider pants

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