The remains of the day..

I have ventured into the fray and emerged victorious!

Well, technically it wasn’t so much a fray, more of a mall. And it wasn’t so much victorious.. perhaps a better description would be ‘sweaty and laden with groceries’

But still!  I overcame my fear of busses and I’m sure that counts for something.

There were a great many curious things to be seen but firstly, I would just like to ask..

Hm..I wonder what the prevalence of bladder infection is here..
Who wears this??

Seriously! Pretty much all women’s fashion stores carry these ridiculously short dresses, miniskirts (more wide belts) and  hot pants. It’s either that or long soupy dresses. And shoe stores have mostly ridiculously high heels. Not at all suited for the large amount of walking you have to do here.

Bt that is just the beginning of the wonder en mystery that is Australian shopping. Why, for instance, did the Ozzies import these :

Oranjeboom!! why??rollin' rollin' rollin', keep them mopses rollin' Raw Fish!

To be fair, Grolsh is very good beer, but Oranjeboom?? Why?? And I won’t even speak of the unspeakable fish product.

Thankfully, there are also good things, like whiskey. This one is named after my University:

Yum.. drink for thought..

So, the shopping trip was an education. In summary: malls can always be bigger, skirts can always be shorter, and I will never understand why people eat fish that comes in jars..

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One Response to The remains of the day..

  1. hens says:

    Yes, they should never import rollmops lol. The idea alone! But i must say: when i was a child we ate them several times a year on friday, and we really liked them. But these days i wouldn’t touch them or i must not have eaten for a whole week.
    And the dresses are aweful. Make some pictures of people wearing them if u can, i am really curious how they look.

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