Sweet Jam @ The World Bar

and all that brass!Velda still plays with the best of thema real ozzie trumpetist

The latin/jazz jam session at The World bar was amazing! Lots of horns, and amazing singers! We had Velda (age 84) on trumpet and so much brass we could hardly fit all of them on stage.

A wonderful atmosphere and a great selection of songs. Rinske was so kind to allow me to sing a few songs, and everyone was very sweet about it, even if I did choose the wrong key.

The World bar is a beautiful place

Apparently it was a bordello at one point

The biggest surprise of the evening was this guy:

who looked like he was going to do some sort of head banging song about his favourite football team

And made us all gasp in wonder and delight with his lovely Louis Armstrong impression! Unfortunately he lives in Kuala Lumpur, but he has promised to come back..

I had a great evening, everyone was just so nice and funny and inclusive, and I definitely will be going back there next Monday, when Marc is running the Open Mike. Yay for Sydney!

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One Response to Sweet Jam @ The World Bar

  1. marijke says:

    If you have a name of the Kuala Lumpur guy, maybe we can enjoy by internet.

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