Administrative difficulties

So there I was., after a night of slightly premature outdoor cinematic fun, ready for bed, diligently filing my receipts when a hideous black monster jumps out of the ‘accounts’ folder.

As metaphors go, I prefer the non-arachnids
Unfortunately this was not a smart metaphor for debt

After a few minutes of girlish screaming and embarrassing fright I  leapt to my bare feet (ieh!) ran over to my desk to get a cup and trapped the unspeakable horror that was making its way towards my bed, possibly to go and die under my headboard.

And it has been there ever since.

my new petlook at how big that blob is!

There it lives, sitting snugly next to my bed stand. I’m debating whether I should use it for exposure therapy, teach it tricks, maybe give it a name? Or maybe I should be a man and take it outside to feed it to the cockatoos.

I am undecided so far, and mortally afraid of doing my accounts.

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2 Responses to Administrative difficulties

  1. Flora says:

    cockatoos don”t eat spiders they eat fruits

  2. josienie says:

    Really? Oh well, that’s that option out the window…
    Out the window.. that gives me an idea..

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