Kindred spirits and snacks

I was so lucky as to be invited to a get-together in Randwick last night. When I asked what kind of gathering it would be, and what exactly we would be doing I felt I wasn’t getting a straight answer. ‘You know, just hanging out, having snacks, talking’.

That could never be the whole thing could it?

yes.. at one point we were watching youtubeAs it turns out, it was! Just a bunch of people who enjoy each other’s company, hanging out. And it was great! It was kind of like a low key Dutch birthday party, only with better snacks and more fun.

I was amazed to find myself relaxed in what was essentially a bunch of strangers. And possibly even more amazed at having so much in common with them. Monty Python quotes interspersed with Princess Bride and Mel Brooks film references. (!)

It’s just wonderful when all the little silly things you are used to saying get picked up instantly. It made me feel so at home.

not bad eh?Ben was taking pictures with his nifty camera and got some great shots. He even managed to get a pretty picture of me, which is a huge accomplishment considering my special talent for looking at weird & wonky in any picture that is taken of me.

So yay! for kindred spirits, snacks (and to Ben for inviting me of course!)

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