A boyfriends package..

Last Monday this arrived for me..

A big-ass parcel too..apparently the tossers wheren't very gentle

My boyfriend kindly gathered all the stuff I wasn’t able to bring, or was to stupid to think of bringing, stuck it in a box and shipped it over!

I was so happy to see my little jackets (that can come in handy with the freezing aircon in the lab), my operating set, my daylight lamp (no windows in the lab). Also, my favorite ‘rituals’ soap and one of those amazing army sweaters. (I kept stealing the one my boyfriend has,so he decided to give me one of my own.)

It feels good to have at least a bit of my old familiar stuff around. Especially the operating set, it reminds me of all the work I did in my student days and the big science dreams I dreamt.

So thanks honey! (and sis for chipping in on the postage). IR having a happy!

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