Immunohistonostalgia– The joy of mounting

dunk in the sections..embrace you inner analness..all mounted up..
For non biologists: these are very thin slices of rat brain fixed in paraformaldehyde (but you can pretend they’re butterflies if you like). We’ve attached antibodies with a fluorescent bit to the cells we want to see (immuno-fluorescent staining). When these are done , we take them under a special microscope and get to spend long days in a windowless room counting cells..

I have actually been doing work this week!

And it’s a great feeling to find that all the old familiar techniques are nicely stored away in motor patterns that come out when needed. I remember doing so many of these back when I worked for Jose, and I still got it..

(Ok, to be honest it’s actually not that hard.)

There is something wonderfully calming about mounting (that’s what she said,hur hur). Sorting the sections, making it all nice and neat.  It’s like Tetris, only without the disappearing lines and the tundududun tune.

So yay! For finally getting my hands dirty in the lab!
(don’t worry, I wear gloves)

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