Perspective in perspective

Have yourself a merry enormous Christmas..This morning I was pleasantly surprised by an enormous Christmas card in the mail. My aunt & uncle’s  reasoning was that, since I was far away , the card should be bigger, so I would seem closer.

Sound reasoning to my mind. I am amazed at how happy snailmail at my new address makes me feel. It just seems to make it more.. homely I guess

E-mail makes me happy too of course. My other aunt mailed saying I was bonkers for keeping a spider in my room out of fright, when I have no qualms about rats, brains or rat brains.

She may have a point.

Luckily, the card came in an equally enormous sturdy envelope.  So that decided me, the pet arachnid had to go.

Spread some holiday cheer, or indeed non-holiday spider.

So while my family is far away, they have been truly implemental in reducing the number of legs in my room. Needless to say, I am grateful for their timely intervention..

Thanks guys!

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