Furry shoes

This is what happens when you wear hyperventilated shoes (shoes with holes in) in the Australia Wet (which is basically rain, lots of rain).

I've always wanted a pet.. just not in my shoesYes, that is actually mold..

I mean, you leave your soaking wet shoes out for one day and this happens. Oh well, I meant to replace these soon anyway. It is however rather hard to find proper shoes in Australia. Even the plastic shoes are pretty expensive in most places.

What’s up with that? For a place that requires so much walking, there are surprisingly few stores that sell proper good shoes. And loads of places that sell impossibly high heels..

Oh well, I got these:they make my mom feel better

They’re not very pretty, but they’re blue and will keep my feet dry and mold-free for a while.

Yay! The shoes-ah!

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