Easy like Tuesday morning..

As some of you may know I have been tragically bike-less for a while now and not much enjoying it. I mean, the distances and the climate are perfect for cycling, yet hardly anyone does it.

But after two moths I got really fed up with it taking half an hour to get to work (or anywhere else) and then not being able to hop back if you forget something. So I decided I should get a bike. And since the bigW doesn’t actually sell bikes on the spot I had to go and order one online.

And the great thing about ordering online is that they bring the stuff to your door. The bad thing about ordering online is that the bike doesn’t come to you assembled as such.


See? It says easy assembly. They go on and on about how easy it is on the website AND it comes with an instruction dvd.  And then when I try to open the box, I see this printed on it in big disconcerting letters:


So I figured the mechanic must be in the box. No such luck. Since I didn’t have one on me (hur hur) I decided I should give it a go. the women on the box looks really happy and competent, so why shouldn’t I? So I put on my most confident smile and set about reading the instructions.

So how do you get from here:



Honestly, I don’t really know, but I remember there was a lot of shouting involved..

The funny thing is, I probably know more about bikes now that I ever did in all my years of intense bike-use and bike-centred living in Holland. I can tighten and fine-tune the brakes, I can attach and detach wheels. I even installed a bell! (only it already had a bell, so that was kind of silly in retrospect).

Oh well, you live you learn I suppose..

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3 Responses to Easy like Tuesday morning..

  1. Hens says:

    Congratulations to u Josien, that was a nice piece of work u did there. I am proud of u:). Now u can cycle as much as u want, and make other people envy your freedom.

  2. Flora de Bie-Groeneveld says:

    Did you try spinning the wheels?

  3. Flora de Bie-Groeneveld says:

    Did yuo try spinning the wheels yet?

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