Make like a zombie

Since Tina and Zep and I are doing the Sydney Zombie Walk next weekend, we though we’d prepare some costumes under Zep’s expert tutelage..

It starts with ‘dirty-ing up the shirt and pants..

And then you practice making the face and inadvertently drop the jar of red paint on yourself..

Some smears and handprints..

And the proverbial Bob is your uncle!

We were so pleased with the results we are planning a zombie brunch before the event.. maybe go and have a high tea somewhere. Provided they serve braaaains obviously..

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One Response to Make like a zombie

  1. hens says:

    I never heard of a zombie-walk before. Must be fun to watch and to walk in it yourself as a zombie. A shame the red paint did also go where you didn’t want it. But the rest looks bloody enough to make a real frightening zombie of you. Be sure to send a picture!

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