Grr Argh


So today was the Sydney Zombie walk so we got our creepy on. Above:  Zep is working her magic again on making me look.. well.. scary


We took a train to the city and we got stared at. A lot. So we just went ‘Gr Agrh’ at everyone and pretended we were trying to get to their Braaaains. Also, we had lunch (it tasted like chicken).


It was a lovely sunny day and a lot of people had really mad an effort. We got our picture taken with Freddy Kruger and went about moaning and lurching trough the city.

Great fun.. Grr argh..

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3 Responses to Grr Argh

  1. hens says:

    You have never looked better hahahahaha.

  2. Margriet says:

    The prettiest zombie I’ve ever see, sien 🙂

  3. mieke says:

    You look exquisite, my dear 🙂

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