I did my first pseudo-independent experiment today!!

With thanks to VJ for his amazing teaching, encouragement, humor and willingness to get yelled at Smile. He was standing by to advise if necessary but I did all of the surgery and other bits all by myself!

All electrophysiology rigs are named and VJ and I were working on Mr Darcy and Elisabeth Bennet, yay for Pride and Prejudice!

The experiment was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster Going from the anxiousness of trying to remember everything you’ve learned to deep lows of despairing you’ll ever get it right and the soaring highs of finally getting the canulation or nerve isolation. One after the other over and over again.

I’ve been close to tears of despair, joy and tiredness each at least twice during the 10 hours the experiment took. But it was SO worth it. Look!:

Ok this is a picture of my very first canula a week ago, but today's looked just like thisThe SplanchnicThe Phrenic!

And both VJ and my prof told me they were impressed (and then had to convince me they were not just saying that, sigh..). And the cool thing about this is… The electrodes I used to record the Splanchnic and the Phrenic there.. I built those myself!! Yay!

All without setting the office on fire Smile 

And this is the first of many to come, and at some point I’ll have to repeat a raving post like this on my first actual solo surgery. But odds are that after that I’ll  be too tired to do anything except fall over.

Very proud, very happy, very very tired..

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