I love sports..eh sushi! I meant sushi..


combat_systema_heraldicSo Tina’s been taking me to these Systema classes. Which are  fun and very educational (as classes tend to be). I love the emphasis on relaxation, breathing and losing your fear. Ok, you also learn to take and dole out punches, but in a weird way it’s not aggressive.

Kinda takes me out of my daily cerebral ways and gets me back into my body. And who knows, if I ever do get assaulted (hah! I should be so lucky), I’d know what to do. You know, when I’m not running away screaming or wetting myself.

Also.. afterward we can go out for sushi! We finish at about lunchtime and Tina took me to this sushitrain place. Which was AWESOME.

It's like a factory, only funner!YUMSalmon sashimi.. should we.. shouldn't we? We've had about four already.. one more won't hurt

You get to seen the sushi being prepared and then you see the most delicious little plates come by and you can pick and choose whatever looks good. It’s like a game and food in one! And such sushi.. oh yum..

After we pried ourselves away from the salmon sashimi (really hard to walk away from, even if you’ve had six already), we went to have a weird dessert. There are a couple of shops that sell Chinese desserts and since I had an expert with me, I thought I’d try some.

I had Taro, red beans, herbal jelly and ‘pearls’.  It looked like this:

which looks like dinner to me..

But it really was kind of yummy. I knew red beans were tasty, but I never expected something that looked that weird to taste that good. The herbal jelly is really refreshing (and apparently very good for you). So yay for sports, yay for sushi, yay for new eats and yay for Tina! Smile

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One Response to I love sports..eh sushi! I meant sushi..

  1. Marijke says:

    And yay for you enjoying all new challenges!

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