Good advice from the Weepies


During systema class I was reminded of this song. I was doing less than brilliantly at the pushups (ok I was falling over.. a lot Confused smile). And while I was beating myself up over it the class went on without me.

I can’t believe how much those classes are about letting go. I mean, there is the bit where you punch people, but most of it is about letting go. Of failure, of fear and of fear of failure.

Best.. martial… art… EVAR.

Also I bought a knife today.. I couldn’t help it! My friend took me to this amazing cheap Japanese store where everything is $2.80. And then she showed me the knives..

knives knives knives

And, being my fathers daughter, I couldn’t resist..

So the lesson of today is: empty your hands, so there’s more room for knives!

Wait.. that can’t be right.

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