Hunter Valley is amazing..

Went on a Hunter Valley trip last Sunday. It started out with a Cheese tasting at the Mcguigan vineyard. Apart from the great Semillions they make pretty tasty cheeses..

IMG_2440yum cheeseIMG_2442

Fortunately, most people on the trip were lactose intolerant. So after the formal bit of the tasting..

We took the board from the next table over..

An after the way that turned out..
We decided to take the rest as well Smile

Next was the Wyndham Estate, that is actually owned (along with a bunch of other wine companies and vineyards) by Pernod-Ricard. It’s one of the oldest vineyards and the first place in Australia to plant Shiraz. Which is, incidentally my favourite grape..


We tasted a Chardonnay, two shirazes and a fortified tawny. Most interesting and surprising was the red sparkling sweet shiraz, which sounds completely ugly awful, but is actually surprisingly nice.

The only other wine enthusiast on the trip and me spent another hour tasting the rest of the wines (some amazing Shiraz there) while the rest of the group frolicked on the beautiful lawns of the Wyndham estate. The scenery was truly enchanting, but come on.. there were wines to be tasted!

The way back was long (2,5 hrs) but featured some beautiful sights. Like this one:

skies hunter

Truly an amazing end to an amazing day..

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One Response to Hunter Valley is amazing..

  1. Flora says:

    How …..amazinnnnggg!

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