Home food

It’s amazing what food can do. At the very least it gives us the nutrients to survive, to build our body from within. But it can be so much more..

A source of wonderment, enjoyment and comfort. Food can teach us about ourselves and others. It can expand your world and shake everything you’ve known, or make it small, cozy and familiar.. ah food..

So I shall blog a bit about food. Because my week in food had been a pretty good one so far.

On Saturday there was Congee with thousand year old eggs and my good friend Tina.

congee (1)congee (2)congee (5)

That is.. the eggs were in the Congee, my friend who will let no opportunity pass to let me taste new and weird things, was not. Which was on the whole a good thing. I did get some weird looks from the Asian patrons of the restaurant due to my incessant photographing, but on the whole it was a lovely experience. Congee is rapidly becoming my favorite dish.

The Sunday I spent lounging and cooking classic dad-fare; pancakes in the morning, pizza-bread for lunch and then a proper Dutch dinner. Pork chops, round beans and potatoes with gravy the way my parents make it.

Aapjes boontjes sju

Ok, it may not look like much, but it did taste of home..

And the the coolest thing happened, I got a text from one my best girlfriends back home,  there was no text in the body of the message, just a picture.


A reminder of all those nights spent enjoying lovely cheese, wine, and endless conversations on everything. She’d apparently looked at her table and thought of me. I was so touched that she did. And happy to share a tiny bit of that, even if it is in spirit (which may prove be more slimming , but not as enlightening or entertaining).

Finally on Tuesday (Monday is running to Jazz at the World bar night so no extensive cooking), Ana was so sweet as to come over and cook for me. She’d just received a package from her mom in Mexico with all kinds of lovely condiments and products. Including but not limited to a bottle of Mezcal..

ana taco (3)ana taco (5)ana taco (1)

Ana made mind blowing shrimp tacos and then introduced me to an interesting Mexican custom, akin to the Tequila ritual but different and dare I say it.. even more delightful! Instead of biting into a lime, you bite into a bit of orange with.. get this.. chillisalt! and then down a gulp of Mezcal.

And then spend the rest of the evening on the couch laughing and talking. What could be better than sharing lovely food and indeed the world with lovely people..

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One Response to Home food

  1. sabinakame says:

    Aum I feel honour to be in your post and to enjoy such lovely evenings eating and talikng 🙂 One of my favourite week rituals for sure!

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